Are CCTV Cameras a Deterrent or Just a Decorative Addition?

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Like every product that finds its way into the market the inevitable pros and cons about its effectiveness and therefore justification for it being there usually appears. At Smarter Security we always make sure we are updated with the latest gossip to ensure that that we can also provide suitable answers to the recurring questions. We believe that surveillance cameras are the next very best thing to having a fence, strong doors and windows and they certainly do the job of making burglars think twice before entering a home that has them.

It’s an effective addition to security needs

There are many sceptics who make negative comments on the effectiveness and therefore usefulness of surveillance cameras. It is often argued for instance that in some cases, cameras fail to have an overall positive effect on the reduction of crime. These sceptics argue that despite the numbers installed in certain premises, their overall security effect has been dismal. They make the point that in specific cases, cameras are ineffective in deterring a violent case of rape from happening.

What is a single incident to the overall scenario?

It is reasonable to expect that people would become irate when some innocent person is the victim. However it’s reasonable to argue that despite the fact that cases do go unresolved, it’s not the fault of the cameras but may be an act of omission on the part of the operators who should be monitoring the video takes or a technical glitch which has prevented the cameras from functioning properly. That said, comparative figures should be given to make that case that the cameras are a total failure.

No system is the perfect panacea for crimes

No one knows better than we do that not every single crime can be solved simply by installing CCTV surveillance cameras in your premises. Nevertheless at Smarter Security, we know that the presence of security cameras at a premise whether it be a home, a retail shop or an office have a very strong and positive impact in reducing the incidence of burglar activities in many areas. Even our critics admit that cameras have a positive effect in places like parking garages and if that’s true, there must be other areas where they’ve succeeded.

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