Wherever there is Cash, Burglars are there also

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Wherever there is Cash, Burglars are there also

Businesses are places where cash change hands in real time and in real life situations. As such, many Melbourne residents depend on their businesses as their real source of income and as might be expected, a high degree of security is crucial for securing the business premises. Fortunately, Smarter Security is on hand to provide businesses with just the right type of CCTV system that can evaporate away all worries and fears of getting robbed in broad daylight or at night.business-4-cctvHD

Burglars and their tricks

Studies show that the main reason why burglars commit theft is to obtain money, so businesses for being what they are, become prime cash grounds for burglars. These sinister characters fall into 3 main categories. There are those who simply smash and grab from any business premise; there are those who are more opportunistic, that is, they make their entry at a premise’s weakest point and there are the sophisticated burglars who actually study their targets and deliberately use counter measures in overcoming alarm systems. Of course we cannot absolutely eliminate them because if we have done already, there would be no point in discussing the subject here. They are still around and they are very, very active. So what needs to be done?

The CCTV counter-attack!

The use of the CCTV or a closed circuit television system is the most effective method for thwarting burglaries. It has indeed become one of the most popular means that businesses in Australia use to foil burglar activities across the nation. The beauty of the system comprise the following:

  • is its centrally controlled monitoring system which can be controlled from within the safety of the home to produce movements in real time or in the past.
  • Its hard disk can hold filmed information for house occupants and they can be replayed at will to determine irregular activities or movements in the past.
  • It may fail in some instances to actually identify the facial appearances of perpetrators, but it can take pictures of how many were involved, what they were wearing and what they were carrying. Vital clues that can be followed up later by police.
  • It monitors all types of activities and movements within your business space at once without your direct involvement. All you do is check the monitor or hard disc now and then.
  • It certainly eliminates worry and concern at what is happening to your shop or office at any point in time.

The perfect and reasonably priced foiling systems

Smarter Security has these very CCTV systems in stock and their price range is astonishingly realistic. It has 4 fabulous CCTV systems that fit your security needs perfectly. There are 2 configured systems with 4 cameras with a price tag of only $1599 and the other comes with high definition IP network priced at only $2599 and both can be fully installed on the ring tone. The other two systems have more reach over a wider area with 8 cameras but also very realistically priced at just below the $4000 mark. They’re the perfect surveillance systems for your business.

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