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SMARTER SECURITY does not stop at installing fantastic security systems in the home. It also ventures out to do similar Good Samaritan deeds in workplaces throughout the city of Melbourne. It is very conscious of the high sense of priority people have for their working environment and believes in providing first class security for workplaces.

Smarter Security offers an array of superb security systems for use inside or outside your work premises. It offers the following perfectly tailored systems for your office needs.

  • Basic CCTV Pack – 4 camera CCTV package: a surprisingly very cheap surveillance system for your single storey store or office that can be fully installed at the cost of $1399 plus GST. The system features mega viewing to keep tabs on staff movements and visitors and also detect movements from the outside. It also features, high resolution and dome shaped cameras made of metal, to guard against impacts and the elements. Excellent views of movements and activities that can be stored over 30 days in a hard disk drive, can be viewed on a large monitoring screen.
  • Basic CCTV Pack 2 – 4 High Definition IP network CCTV package: a more expensive system but with correspondingly more impressive benefits. The system can be fully installed at the cost of $2599 with GST included. Like the above system, it also boasts mega viewing cameras  but unlike it, the cameras can either be more streamlined bullet shaped or dome shaped cameras or both. It boasts an efficient hard disk drive for storing information. The images and information can be later viewed immediately or at a later stage over a period of 30 days.
  • Basic CCTV Pack 3 – 8 camera CCTV system package: an excellent system that costs less than the above system that can be fully installed at a cost of $2299 with GST added; it is also ideal for larger shops and larger office spaces. Like the other systems, this one also features high resolution mega viewing with the capability of presenting live preview displays. The images and information are stored on an a highly efficient hard disc drive that can function over a 30 day period. Viewing is enjoyed on a clear and large monitoring screen.
  • Basic CCTV Pack 4 – 8 HD IP network CCTV package: The most costly system offered by Smarter Security but the benefits far outweigh the costs of installing or operating the system.  A client will need to spend $3999 to enjoy the protective capabilities of the system and enjoy a threat-free working environment. The system’s mega viewing qualities provided by bullet or dome shaped cameras are superb. It also boasts the ability to present a live preview display of activities or functions inside the workplace. It can systematically store images and information on its hard disk drive that can store events over a 30 day period. For effective viewing, everything that has occurred in the workplace, can be viewed immediately or at some future date on a wide monitoring screen.

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