Proof Why CCTV Surveillance Cameras are a deterrent

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One very concrete sign that indicates the success of surveillance cameras against criminal activity is the displacement of crime. At Smarter Security, we have noted that whenever a security system is installed in a certain location, a change takes place. That change is the displacement of crimes that used to take place in that locality to the surrounding vicinity. This is clear proof that the installation of a security surveillance system does have a significant effect on the incidents of criminal activities which means that our cameras do the trick.

Displacement of crime by security cameras is a reality

From observation and reports from some of our users, it has become obvious that whenever a security surveillance camera is installed in a particular location, criminal activities quickly disappear from that location and find a niche somewhere else in the vicinity. This means that whenever the cameras are installed, criminal activities are pushed further away from sight. This trend has happened for different locations. All this indicates that the bad guys are not prepared to risk being seen and caught but choose rather to change their crime venue.

Solid evidence in support of security cameras

Distance has proved to be concrete evidence in support of this change in crime venue. .A university study conducted on the effect of security cameras on the displacement of crime found that crime fell within 250 metres from where surveillance cameras were installed at an open street space but increased as distance became more distant from the security cameras. This has led police and private security companies to use cameras in other nearby areas with the intention of displacing criminal activities from the vicinity.

The more reason why security cameras should be installed

The use of crime displacement as a gauge for knowing the effect of security cameras on the occurrence of crime is a valid approach. It may be argued that the root cause of burglary and the problems that it causes are not effectively addressed. On the other hand, it can also be argued that prevention is better that a cure and for burglary activities, this appears to be the correct way to view the problem. Burglar activities are already with us and from all indications, they are here to stay. If their presence is going to displace the crime, it’s a step in the right direction.

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