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businesscctvbuttonNewly set up business as well as veteran shops and stores are using the popular closed circuit television more commonly known as the CCTV system to secure their valuable shops from the actions of burglars and robbers. Smarter Security in Melbourne has been providing solutions for offices, front of shops and just about any business or industrial premises there are in Melbourne.

Additional eyes for your security

For security purposes, we need our two eyes to detect movement and ears to detect strange sounds. It is often the case however that our eyes and ears get strained and tired when required to focus for any stretch of time and we often miss a lot during the course of a day not to mention the night. A CCTV system can act as a complementary aid to your own eyes to monitor, detect, record, and replay any clandestine activity that goes on outside or inside your business shop and/or office while you are someplace else.

All types of events are recorded

It doesn’t matter what kind of unexpected event happens and it doesn’t matter if the event is intentional or the result of an inadvertent act or omission. They are all monitored, filmed and stored on disc to be replayed later in the day or at any time you want to view what happened during your absence. The replay will tell you exactly who and when a person entered and exited your premises and will display any inappropriate action or activity that take place in your business turf.

Opportunistic aspects

Did you know that insurance companies will even apply a discount on your insurance premiums if you purchase and install an approved CCTV from a properly licensed security dealer like Smarter Security? That’s right they do so it pays to install a CCTV system.  In contrast to another type of opportunity, a CCTV system will negate the activities of opportunistic robbers who want to rob your business. You never know who or when these types of thieves will attack but an ever vigilant CCTV system will identify them for you.

Integration with other systems is possible

A system that can successfully function on its own is given added impetus when it can combine with another system that gives it more leverage in effectively performing its work. Such is the combining of a CCTV system to a fire hazard warning system which adds a safety element to your security.

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